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OpenBSD 7.0 won’t boot on SunBlade 100

8 minute read

What follows is a summary and outcome from a severe data corruption bug I encountered when installing OpenBSD on my SunBlade 100 SPARC64 workstation. “Severe...

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Wireless Ping Spikes on Windows 10

2 minute read

Windows 10 has a problem with wireless ping spikes, this is what I know about it and what I’ve been able to figure about how to deal with it. As I write this...

Alpha Masking with FFMPEG

19 minute read

Before I dive into the topic of alpha channel masking in ffmpeg, I should explain what this document is. I’m writing it as a blog post however, I want it to...

Should I buy a domain for my new website?

1 minute read

Professionalism. Does this matter, like seriously, does it really matter. I’m creating this website/blog/thing and I’ve wondered if I should splash a bit of ...

Lets start with a Cliché

less than 1 minute read

I like to think I’m a technical guy, though I don’t do a ton of technical things in my day to day life these days, I did actually get an engineering degree a...

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