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Largely this is a magically generated list posts on the various topics to which I have written about. Please enjoy responsibly! Or not, truly it’s up to you how you experience the world.

Please consider this page as an invitation to you to read about some of the things that I have found interesting in the past.


OpenBSD 7.0 won’t boot on SunBlade 100

8 minute read

What follows is a summary and outcome from a severe data corruption bug I encountered when installing OpenBSD on my SunBlade 100 SPARC64 workstation. “Severe...

Wireless Ping Spikes on Windows 10

2 minute read

Windows 10 has a problem with wireless ping spikes, this is what I know about it and what I’ve been able to figure about how to deal with it. As I write this...

Should I buy a domain for my new website?

1 minute read

Professionalism. Does this matter, like seriously, does it really matter. I’m creating this website/blog/thing and I’ve wondered if I should splash a bit of ...

Lets start with a Cliché

less than 1 minute read

I like to think I’m a technical guy, though I don’t do a ton of technical things in my day to day life these days, I did actually get an engineering degree a...

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Alpha Masking with FFMPEG

19 minute read

Before I dive into the topic of alpha channel masking in ffmpeg, I should explain what this document is. I’m writing it as a blog post however, I want it to...

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